Please note that you must have a good understanding of exposure, (which we teach in photo 101), to understand this class. Classes are for 3 two hour nights, or one 6 hour day. The cost is $95 if you register online, $110 at the door.

1st night, you will learn how to best use your on camera flash, including how to balance it with existing light, how to create dramatic backgrounds with it, and how to create ‘invisible’ flash. You will learn when and which modifiers to use for the effect you want.

2nd night you will learn how to use a soft box or umbrella, how to determine the settings for it, the directions to place it in for single or group portraits, and the secret to buttery soft lighting for portraits.

3rd night you will learn when and how to add lights to a set up, and how to know how many to use. You will learn the 5 most important areas of a face to light, which lighting style goes with which portrait, and how to read the shape of a face to determine which lighting style works best. You will learn how to set up hair lights, separation lights, and fill lights.

When you finish this class time, you will know how to professionally light a portrait. You will understand the difference in blasting a face with light, and sculpting a face with light. You will know how to create a painterly look in your portraits with only 4 lights. You will know how to make the whites of the eyes glow, and the iris shine with color, with NO photoshop work. You will understand why a masters painting from 2000 years ago is still beautiful, and how to re-create that same look in your photography. Photo (light) graph (write or diagram) means; writing, or drawing with light. This class teaches you how to do just that. The camera is secondary. Light is King.

These principles can be used with studio flash, continuous light sources, and reflectors/diffusers.

Upcoming Class Dates:

(we will be scheduling classes soon. please check back)