Photography Training

Modern cameras have very accurate auto settings. They will give you a correct exposure about 70% of the time. But if you want to up the odds, or shoot in anything besides normal flat lighting, you HAVE to use manual, or spend a lot of time fixing your pictures. Anyone can put their camera on auto and then use photoshop to make something out of it. A pro can make it happen consistently and easily, straight out of the camera.

So you’re ready to go beyond the amateur stage? Then read on.

Do your images come out of the camera the way you saw it in your mind?
Do you find yourself with photographs that are sometimes too dark, or too light?
Do you have to correct more images than you think you should be correcting?
Do the skin tones in your portraits have any detail at all or are they washed out smooth?
Do you wonder why a white dress is 3 different colors of white in 3 different pictures?
Do you think the P on your camera stands for professional?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our classes will make a dramatic difference in your photography.
One of my mentors from way back, Leon Kennamer, always said “a real photographer gets it on the film”. If you have to pay someone to fix your exposure problems, or fix your color problems, or fix things that should have been right out of the camera, then it’s their photograph, not yours. You may have had the idea, but they made it happen.

On the other hand, if you get your job as a photographer right, then your art people, web people, ad people, models, clients, bankers, friends, and enemies will all like you better because it makes their life so much easier.

I have a passion for getting images right out of the camera. This goes back to my film days when we built elaborate sets to create in because all we could do was sandwich negatives. There was no photoshop. It was a great feeling to see a print developing with all the special effects we put into the set up coming out just like we had envisioned.

I can show you how to get it right out of the camera. If you are spending time correcting your images before you even start any creative editing, you are wasting precious time. If you get your images right to begin with, any post production editing will only make your images better than the average photographers.

You will learn how easy manual exposures, manual metering, and custom white balances really are. Life’s too short to be constantly fixing mistakes. You make your memories and money behind the camera, not behind the computer.

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