Basic Photography 101


Learn how easy manual exposures are to create. You will learn how to master your images using various combinations of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and white balance.


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This is your first step from snapshooter to photographer. When you finish this course, you will know how to use your camera on manual, and get the image you see in your mind onto the film or sensor. I guarantee it.

You will learn what ISO to use, how to determine your shutter speed, aperture, and the closest thing to a magic button for color, custom white balance. Also focus, when to use manual and when to use auto.

Classes are $95 for either the 3 nights, or for the 1 day class if you register online. Classes are $110 if you wait and pay at the class. Please note that if you wait till the class date, and the class is sold out, we will not be able to take you in.

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Oct 27, (one day class), Dec 01, (one day class)


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