Photography Training Testimonials

Hi Donald,
My name is Jessica. I took the portrait class on a Saturday. I enjoyed your class, it by far was the best taught and informative l class I have taken. I am interested in taking your basic photography and the Photoshop class.

First I would like to say that I very much enjoyed the classes.  They were helpful and I learned a lot.  In my opinion, the two keys to learning is direction and practice/experience.  Everything always is easier when somebody is telling or showing you how to do it.  When your out there by yourself you always run into those unique lighting situations or something isn’t working exactly how it’s supposed to.
Joe Dutton
Manufacturing Engineer
3M Materials Resource Division

Thanks for the opportunity to learn from your skills and knowledge.   It takes a special person to want to offer classes and share as you are doing.   I feel that I have learned some new ways to use my camera and get the best quality photos.  Even, after the first class, I became very uneasy when I had to ship my Canon Rebel off that I had used for the last three years due to some mirror damage inside the camera.  Getting a new camera between the first and second class made me feel very uneasy and nervous but you seem to put everyone at ease regardless of their camera knowledge.  I knew all my buttons on my old camera and fortunately this new one has lots of extras but I was able to get the manual and learn the buttons quickly enough for the next class.  I purchased the new Canon 60D when they released it on Sunday September 19th and I love it! so far.   It will do so much more than my Canon Rebel.  I have a feeling that I will be keeping the 60D!
I plan to enroll in the photoshop class hopefully the first of next year when my travel slows down after the holidays.  I have scheduled a week in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia the middle of October to shoot some fall photos.  And in November we are headed to Hershey for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Guess I’ll be shooting ‘chocolate’ there.   Again,  thanks for the opportunity and I greatly appreciate your willingness to share your success and knowledge with others.
Ronette Gravitt
Glenn Gravitt Photography

Hey Donald,
It all sucked, hated every minute of it and I want my money back.
Just kidding!!!
I really feel like I learned a lot.  I had learned a lot of that once upon a time, but needed to re-learn it .
I liked the setting, very relaxed and comfortable.  I can’t really think of any negatives.
Enjoyable, informative and glad Tina and I did it.
Thanks again,
Laron L. Hardy, D.C.
Hardy Chiropractic

I  ABSOLUTELY Loved your photography class.  You were down to earth and answered the SAME questions 100 times over for those who didn’t get it the first 99 times.  LOL.  Anyway, I learned A LOT in a short period of time and that is what I was looking for.  You seemed VERY knowledgeable on the topic and I advise to keep the classes going.  I really enjoyed your use of the powerpoint slides to explain certain exposures or apertures.  Visuals really enhance learning.  I would have loved to take the lighting class, but time was NOT in my favor that month.  Since I’m moving an hour away, it will be hard for me to attend, but I would keep the classes going.  As far as making money, I haven’t had time to breathe, let alone take pictures.  This move is zapping me of all energy.  Hey, if I’m in a gym taking action shots….. (JK)  I think that was the ONLY question that one woman had in our class.  HAHA.

P.S.  You are a great instructor.  Too bad you didn’t teach in a college.
Lisa Bunn

After one class in PhotoShop I can’t wait until the next one.  It was full of information and I totally enjoyed it.  DON’T STOP!!!  I WANT MORE!!
Debbie Blankenship

You know I’ve learned a lot!!  I am not totally afraid to shoot in Manual now.  I did it just today in fact because I couldn’t use a flash at my nephew’s play rehearsal.  They are at least decent shots.  I can set wb and use the camera meter.  But to really help me, I need some situational shooting.  So, I can put class into practice.  Kinda like your safari.       See ya soon.  Amy

I took the PhotoShop class last fall and really enjoyed it.  I loved that we were given the opportunity at the beginning of the class to list the items we wanted to learn.  That strategy allowed the class to focus only on the things we needed without all of the fluffy stuff.  The Status Image class I took far surpassed any other classes I’ve taken because the teachers used a hands-on approach with lots of practical tips and no idle chatter.  I hate when I take a class and the teacher spends the first half talking about why he or she loves photography, why it’s the best hobby on the planet, etc.  I just want to learn the information, not hear a life story!!  That’s exactly what I got with your class.
Celeste Coffman

Donald, Your classes have helped tremendously in the basics of photography. Technology is changing everyday and with the high cost of photography it’s great knowing that you  can do your own and be able to enjoy it. You have offered a laid back atmosphere that makes learning easy and fun. There are still some classes I want to take, but have been unable to so far, so please keep doing what you’re doing.

I loved the photography classes. I learned very useful information about a camera that I never knew you could do. The great thing about the techniques that were taught during the classes were that they were easily learned and made such a difference in my photos.
I told others about the class and three others said they were interested.
Elizabeth        P.s- I’m finally learning how to work this camera

I absolutely loved taking the classes! I really learned alot about exposure and lighting and also about my camera. You made it seem so easy and simple and made it fun.  Since it was hands on and in a group of others, I think that made it easier and easy to compare what you are doing with the others and talk about it. I would even like to take more if you offered them! I do hope you continue the classes so others can experience what I did. Thanks so much!
Teresa, Artistic Visions Photography
i took a class.  Loved it.  It has improved my technique and I am interested in taking more jjust need  to find the time.    Tina Hjelm

I learned more from you than any other class that I have ever taken!  The simple explanations and demonstrations made it easier for me to understand.  I certainly do plan to take more classes from you in the future!!

I took the class about a year ago.  Information received was fantastic but like anything else you need to keep learning.  I would like to see a class for the person that took the beginner class but still needs a little more knowledge.I recommend the classes to all the people that I take to about photography.      Sent from my iPhone

I learned more in your class than I ever could have from a book. The common sense approach works so much better for beginners like myself. Not only did I learn a lot, you both made it very fun and interesting. The casual laid back atmosphere made it very inviting. I will definately be refering my friends.
Claudette Peters
PS… I am one of the “old geezers” who got the Bartle and James comment. It instantly brought back some fun memories.

I definitely benefited from the only one course that I was able to take at time..  Have been looking forward to completing them as soon as school is out.  Hopefully you will have something going on that I may attend!
You are very good and patience at what you do!                                                                                        Thank You!
Donmarie Hester

I came to your class is December. I would like to say that I really enjoyed it and have told a few people about it. When i was looking for a class to take, I wanted to find someone who loved photography, not just someone hired to teach it. I feel like I learned a lot from the class and it was well worth the money  and the time involved. Learning to set the iso and white balance made a huge difference for me.
Lindsay Blankenship
Sent from my iPhone

Hi Don,
I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. They definitely helped me improve my photography and I still think back to the lessons you shared each time I go out to shoot or do some post processing on a shot. I know the classes take a lot of time and effort to conduct, but I sure hope you have the response that we had in ours. I’m not making any money with photography simply because I haven’t felt ready to put myself out there yet but I have started taking pictures of people and getting results I never thought possible without the skills you helped provide.
Take care my friend!
-Jerry Slaughter

VERY helpful! I have read books, read on the internet… got NOTHING out of it. Learned so much in the class, you are a great teacher for people like me that have to have someone show them what to do and answer their questions… and thanks for helping me!
Tiffany Plaxco

Your classes were very helpful to me helping me to learn to use my camera in manual mode. I’m looking forward to taking classes with you in the future for photoshop.
Mandy Dunkin