Eagle i


sets white balance and exposure accurately.



Are you tired of overpriced gadgets that just don’t perform?
Put the Eagle i next to ANY white balance/exposure device available. We did.
And we BEAT them all.

The Eagle i color calibration and exposure reading device is unlike any device on the market. The secret is a 3 fold patent pending process. First the diffused dome collects light from a full 360 º instead of only directly in front. Inside the dome, our lens cluster directs existing light through completely neutral shades of a precisely placed grid of light modifiers, (like tiny lenses), then refracts the light, then focuses it into the camera, for an extremely accurate neutral test pattern for the cameras sensor to make it’s setting from. Finally, the unique attachment collar fits all your lenses up to 77 mm. There’s no need to buy additional sizes, or press a large one up against your expensive lens. This patent pending design completely blocks extraneous light from the front lens element which pollutes the cameras meter and color reading.

This is Lighting Science!
Each Eagle i is hand made in the USA and individually tested to ensure the image quality control you expect from a professional product.
One size fits all your lenses, (up to a 77mm diameter), and the unique design completely eliminates stray light on your front lens element, which can throw an accurate white balance into the higher kelvin temperature readings, rendering your photographs with a noticeably cooler color cast.

The patent pending Eagle Eye is revolutionary in the way it sets your white balance and exposure. The results are incredible, and your color will be dead on.


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