Kayak Photo Safari


kayak photography class teaches the best photography techniques to use when photographing wildlife from a boat.


In this class we will take our kayak, or canoe, out into the backwaters of the wildlife refuge. There’s a vantage point from the water, that presents subject and lighting that’s not visible photographing from the bank. We will explore the unique opportunities and problems that come with photographing from a boat, and learn ways to overcome them. The focus of the safari will be on the wildlife and vegetation that lives in the swamps of the river,  and the lighting, composition, and exposure secrets that will take your pretty photographs, to amazing photographs.

You need a good understanding of the basics of photography, such as we teach in our Photo 101 class, (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, custom white balance), to get the most out of this class. We will be changing our settings a lot to see the differences we can make inside our camera before we ever open Photoshop. You will go home with beautiful photographs from a different perspective, that you created in your own camera.


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